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Would you like to request information regarding Detroit Stoker Company products and services? Match the corresponding brochure thumbnail number with the brochure(s) you would like to receive from the list below.  Once you have made your selections please fill out your information at the bottom of this page and click SUBMIT. Click the brochure thumbnail to view a larger version of the brochure cover.

Combustion Equipment Literature/Thumbnails/CombustionEquipmentForBiomassAndRefuseSM.jpg1. Biomass & Refuse Fuels


2. Detroit® Burner Systems Literature/Thumbnails/GTSReciprocatingStokerSM.jpg3. DSC-GTS Energy Reciprocating Grates Literature/Thumbnails/GeneralCapabilitiesSM.jpg4. General Capabilities


clientuploads/03 Literature/Thumbnails/DetroitRotoGrateStokerSM.jpg5. Detroit® RotoGrate Stokers Literature/Thumbnails/ReciprograteStokersSM.jpg6. Reciprograte® Stokers Literature/Thumbnails/WoodWasteFiringSM.jpg7. Systems & Components for Wood Waste Firing


clientuploads/03 Literature/Thumbnails/VerticaCoFireSM.jpg8. Vertically Fired Detroit® Burners/Co-Firing Technology


clientuploads/03 Literature/Thumbnails/GasIgnitersSM.jpg9. Detroit® DGI Gas Igniters

  34. Detroit® CNX - Low NOx Burner

Fuel Distributors

10. Air Swept Distributor Spouts Literature/Thumbnails/CombinationFuelFeederSM.jpg11. Combination Fuel Feeder Literature/Thumbnails/UltrafeedSM.jpg12. Ultrafeed Coal Distributor Literature/Thumbnails/UnderthrowSM.jpg13. Underthrow Fuel Distributor


35. Bagasse Triple Drum Feeder

Ash Conditioning & Material Handling Literature/Thumbnails/ConveyingSystemsSM.jpg14. Conveying Systems Literature/Thumbnails/DoubleFlapAirlockSM.jpg15. Double Flap Airlock Literature/Thumbnails/RotarySandClassifierSM.jpg16. Rotary Sand Classifiers Literature/Thumbnails/RotarySealFeederSM.jpg17. Rotary Seal Feeders Literature/Thumbnails/UltrafloMixerSM.jpg18. Detroit® Ultraflo Mixer Literature/Thumbnails/VacPakSM.jpg19. Detroit® VacPak Ash Receiver - Separator                

Aftermarket Replacement Parts Literature/Thumbnails/PartsForABBCombustionEngineeringStokersSM.jpg20. ABB-Combustion Engineering Stokers


clientuploads/03 Literature/Thumbnails/PartsForCombustionRelatedApplicationsSM.jpg21. Combusiton Related Applications Literature/Thumbnails/PartsForHoffmanStokersSM.jpg22. Hoffman Stokers Literature/Thumbnails/PartsForRileyStokersSM.jpg23. Riley Stokers Literature/Thumbnails/PartsForZurnStokersSM.jpg24. Zurn Stokers

clientuploads/03 Literature/Thumbnails/FluidBedNozzlesSM.jpg25. Fluidized Bed Nozzles & Tuyeres








Services & Upgrades Literature/Thumbnails/AustemperedDuctileIronSM.jpg26. Austempered Ductile Iron Literature/Thumbnails/CFDSM.jpg27. Computational Fluid Dynamics Model Literature/Thumbnails/FeederRebuildsSM.jpg28. Feeder Rebuilds Literature/Thumbnails/RotoGrateGrateBarReplacementSM.jpg30. RotoGrate® Grate Bar Literature/Thumbnails/PlanetaryGrateDriveSM.jpg31. RotoGrate® Stoker Planetary Grate Drives Literature/Thumbnails/ServiceSM.jpg32. Service   33. Detroit® Burner Throat Gates   36. Load Cell Torque Monitoring System        

 1. Biomass & Refuse Fuels (APR-14-07)
 2. Detroit?Burner Systems (APR-17-10 REV 1)
 3. DSC-GTS Energy Reciprocating Grates (APR-19-01)
 4. General Capabilities
 5. Detroit?RotoGrate Stoker (85)
 6. Reciprograte?Stokers (784)
 7. Systems and Components for Wood Waste Firing (APR-16-04)
 8. Vertically Fired Detroit?Burners/Co-Firing Technology (APR-17-11)
 9. Detroit?DGI Gas Igniters (APR-17-12)
 10. Air Swept Distributor Spouts (APR-15-02 Rev. 1)
 11. Combination Fuel Feeder (APR-16-09)
 12. Ultrafeed Coal Distributor (APR-16-01)
 13. Underthrow Fuel Distributor (APR-15-03)
 14. Conveying Systems
 15. Double Flap Airlock (APR-01-05)
 16. Rotary Sand Classifier (APR-16-09)
 17. Rotary Seal Feeders (APR-07-04)
 18. Detroit?Ultraflo Mixer (APR-08-02)
 19. Detroit?VacPak Ash Receiver - Separator (APR-08-01)
 20. ABB-Combustion Engineering Stokers (APR-01-01)
 21. Combustion Related Applications (APR-01-05)
 22. Hoffman Stokers (APR-01-03)
 23. Riley Stokers (APR-01-04)
 24. Zurn Stokers (APR-01-02)
 25. Fluidized Bed Nozzles & Tuyeres (APR-01-08)
 26. Austempered Ductile Iron
 27. Computational Fluid Dynamics Model (APR-16-16)
 28. Feeder Rebuilds (APR-15-05)
 30. RotoGrate?Grate Bar
 31. RotoGrate?Stoker Planetary Grate Drives (APR-16-14)
 32. Service (APR-16-11)
 33. Detroit?Burner Throat Gates (APR-17-14)
 34. Detroit?CNX - Low NOx Burner (APR-17-16)
 35. Detroit?Bagasse Triple Drum Feeder
 36. Load Cell Torque Monitoring System

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