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Boiler/Grate Upgrade

The following brochures are resources for Boiler/Grate Upgrades.  Click the brochure thumbnails below to see a larger image of the brochure cover.  To request copies of the brochures please visit our Literature page.


Detroit® Hydrograte Stoker Retrofit Case History

Tractebel Power, Inc. owns and operates the Fitchburg Power Station located in Westminster, Massachusetts.  Commissioned in 1992, the facility burns wood-waste and methane to produce 17 MWe net capacity that…CLICK HERE to read the complete case history.

Detroit® Underthrow Distributor Case History

Manitowoc Public Utilities (MPU) is Wisconsin’s largest municipally-owned generating utility.  Located on the western shore of Lake Michigan, it provides low pressure steam to the city of Manitowoc and provides…CLICK HERE to read the complete case history.

Detroit® Coal Feeder and Rotary Seal Feeder Rebuilds

As leaders in combustion technology for over 100 years, your company can trust Detroit® to restore and rebuild your valuable equipment. We recognize the importance your feeders have in your… Literature/Thumbnails/FeederRebuildsSM.jpg


Detroit® RotoGrate Grate Bar Replacement

Detroit Stoker Company is dedicated to continually improving the performance durability and efficiency of all our products.  Advanced designs and new materials provide Detroit Stoker customers with a quality, competitive…

clientuploads/03 Literature/Thumbnails/RotoGrateGrateBarReplacementSM.jpg

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