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Detroit Stoker Company Customer Service

1.800.STOKER4 (1.800.786.5374)

if you havE difficulties with any of the email addresses below, please call or EMail us by CLICKING HERE.

Director Renewal Sales

Mike Mussman

Call 734.243.5211 or e-mail

Customer Service Representatives

Laurie Vandevelde
(Assists US & Canadian Companies beginning with the letters A-F)
Call 734.243.3990 or e-mail

Christy Horton - Manager of Renewal Sales
Call 734.243.4033 or e-mail

Beth Steinbauer
(Assists US & Canadian Companies beginning with the letters G-O)
Call 734.243.3365 or e-mail

Chad Alberts
(Assists International Companies)
Call 734.243.4417 or e-mail

Contact DSC
(Assists US & Canadian Companies beginning with the letters P-Z)
Call 734.241.9500

Mike Mussman
(Generic Sales)
Call 734.243.5211 or e-mail

SALES Manager

Doug Perkins

Call 734.243.2513 or e-mail

Director of Burner Group

Jim Feese

Call 717.689.3592 or e-mail


Gene Dulik

Call 734.693.2740 or e-mail


Amy Malko      

Call 734.243.4233 or e-mail

New Stoker Sales

Dave Jackson

Call 734.243.2883 or e-mail


Service Manager

Bob Custer

Call 734.243.3528 or e-mail

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