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Key Characteristics:

• Manufactured per NFPA54,85,FM and ASME B31.1 or B31.3
• Multiple fuels: gas & oil, pilot trains and atomizing trains  
• Main headers to individual burner racks as required
• Windbox or rack mounted, custom manifolds upon request

Features and Benefits:

• Pre-engineered, assembled, wired and tested to simplify installation and system integration
• Dual safety shutoff valves with proof of closure, visual indication and leak test shut-off cocks
• 4-20mA fuel metering options on all fuels for precise control and fuel flow monitoring
• Electric or pneumatic 4-20mA operated fuel flow control valves

Burner Management systems [bms]:

Key Characteristics:

• Safe burner startup, shutdown and monitoring
• Factory Acceptance Tested (FAT)
• Meets NFPA85, IRI, FM and UL requirements
• Allen-Bradley based PLC industry standard components
• NEMA 4, 4X, 12 or other enclosure ratings as required
• Windbox or remote mounted

Features and Benefits:

• Customizable, operator-friendly HMI and display graphics
• Standard / approved components, ensures readily available parts for field replacement if necessary
• Burner sequence, interlock and safety limits indication with detailed annunciation in one complete package - simple diagnostics facilitate identifying operational issues
• Special designs for multiple fuels and fuel switching capabilities
• Ethernet connectivity for DCS integration


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