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Detroit® Burner SYSTEMS

Key Characteristics:

• 15 - 290 MBTU/HR Fuel Inputs per Register
• Fuels: natural gas, propane, No. 2 thru No. 6 oils, biodiesel, fuels upon request

Features and Benefits:

• High performance, robust designs – low maintenance, long service life
• Precise flame pattern – minimize boiler tube flame impingement
• Low NOx and Ultra-Low NOx designs – minimize NOx with low excess air for optimum boiler efficiency
• Optional FGR – Ultra-Low NOx
• Robust flame stabilization – reliable startup and operation, uniform flame pattern, fast load response
• Windbox designed for balanced airflow delivery – minimize burner fan horsepower & ensure uniform combustion for optimum boiler heat flux
• Pre-mix / post-mix gas electric igniter – maximize pilot stability and reliability to ensure positive ignition
• High burner turndown, over 10:1 on gas, 8:1 on oil – precise furnace warm-up and rapid load response
• High efficiency FD fans – minimize power requirements, reduce noise levels, remote- or windbox-mounted options
• Multiple burner register design options – meet virtually any capacity and furnace configuration
• Suitable for new or retrofit installations – meets OEM and existing customers need

Detroit® LNX® Ultra-Low NOx Burner
Detroit® DB Low NOx Burner

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