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Detroit Stoker Company Line of Products

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Detroit Stokers/Grates

Detroit® RotoGrate Stoker (traveling grate)
Detroit® Hydrograte Stoker (water-cooled vibrating grate)
Detroit® RotoStoker VCG Stoker (air-cooled vibrating grate)
Detroit® Receprograte Stoker (mass fed reciprocating grate - Waste to Energy)
DSC-GTS Reciprocating Biomass Stoker (reciprocating grate)


Co-Fired Burners
Vertical Fired Detroit® Burners
Packaged Boiler Burners
Burner System Equipment / Turnkey Installation

Rotary Seal Feeders

Low Capacity Feeders
High Capacity Feeders

Detroit® Double Flap Airlocks
Ash Handling Systems

VacPak Ash Receiving Equipment
Ultraflo Mixer (Ash Conditioner)
Clinker Grinder

Fuel Distributors

Detroit® Air Swept Distributor
Detroit® Combination Fuel Distributor
Detroit® Ultrafeed Coal Distributor
Detroit® Underthrow Fuel Distributor
Detroit® Bagasee Triple Drum Feeder

Overfire/Secondary Air Control Systems
Detroit® Planetary Grate Drive
Replacement Parts

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