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Detroit® Stokers

Detroit® Stokers: The industry standard for over a century.


Detroit® RotoGrate Stoker
Detroit® Hydrograte Stoker
Detroit® RotoStoker VCG
Detroit® Reciprograte Refuse/Municipal Solid Waste Fired Stoker
Biomass DSC-GTS Reciprocating Stoker

Unequaled Experience:

Detroit Stoker Company refuse burning equipment gives you operating economy and years of dependable service. Our experience in the combustion of solid fuels spans more than 115 years. This experience has helped us to design and develop combustion equipment that's highly efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Environmental Solutions:

Recycling and reduction of our world's waste stream is not only environmentally necessary, but also makes good business sense. Many industrial processes produce solid wastes of a high heating value, ideally suited for energy recovery. With today's high cost of conventional fuels and emphasis on conservation, extraction of useful energy from otherwise non-recyclable materials represents recycling at its very finest. See more fuels DSC combustion equipment can burn.

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