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Detroit® Reciprograte Refuse/Municipal Solid Waste Stoker

The Detroit® Reciprograte Stoker has met wide approval for burning unprepared municipal & industrial solid waste as fuel. 

Detroit® RotoGrate Stoker
Detroit® Hydrograte Stoker
Detroit® RotoStoker VCG
DSC-GTS Reciprocating Biomass Stoker

Mass Burning:

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The Detroit® Reciprograte Stoker is designed to be utilized in the mass burning of refuse fuels where all of the refuse is burned directly on the grates with the burned out residue being discharged from the back end of the stoker. Refuse does not require preparation before burning.

  1. Refuse Charging Hopper - Refuse is brought from the storage pit to the charging hopper.
  2. Refuse Charging Throat - Refractory lined or water cooled to protect it from the heat of the furnace and insure long service life.
  3. Charging Ram - Hydraulically operated ram feeder forces refuse uniformly into the furnace onto the first burning grate section.
  4. Grates - Cast from a special high chrome/nickel alloy for long life, alternate rows of grates are moving or stationary. The moving grates reciprocate continuously over the stationary grates and push the refuse through the furnace.
  5. Roller Bearings - The grate frame is supported on rollers with tapered roller bearings to reduce friction and wear.
  6. Hydraulic Power Cylinders and Control Valves - Are provided for each longitudinal grate section and feed ram allowing each to be individually driven and controlled by a solid state electronic controller.
  7. Vertical Drop Off - Is lined with air admitting high chrome/nickel alloy tuyeres.
  8. Overfire/Secondary Air - Strategically located to provide turbulence and mixing of the volatile gases to assure complete combustion.
  9. Combustion Air - Is fed to the underside of each grate section.  Each section or module has a separate air supply to provide optimum control of air flow. 
  10. Automatic Sifting Removal System - Conveys siftings from underneath the ram and each grate section to the discharge end of the unit into the main residue conveyor or hopper.

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