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Detroit® Double Flap Airlock

Maintaining the integrity of the seal.

clientuploads/01 Products/04 Double Flap Airlock/DoubleFlapAirlock-1.pngThe Detroit® Double Flap Airlock is an effective way to handle hot and abrasive materials which are fibrous and sticky. Detroit Stoker Company brings its extensive expertise in abrasive material handling to thousands of applications worldwide. The Detroit® Double Flap Airlock design provides the ultimate in long-term durability and reliability for any material handling need. 

The Detroit® Double Flap Airlock can be installed on:

CFB Boilers • Kilns • Storage Silos • Cooling Towers • Dust Collectors

Gravity Feed Hoppers • Precipitators • Classifiers

Pressure and Vacuum Conveyors • Bulk Material Handling Systems

The flap valve provides even material flow across an air differential, similar to the rotary airlock. Even material flow is achieved by utilizing dual chambers that are timed to discharge alternately.

Valve Design Features:
Industry Applications:

Pollution Control • Recycling • Pulp & Paper • Mining • Incineration • Bulk Powder Solids

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