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Detroit® Air Swept Distributor

Detroit® Combination Fuel Distributor
Detroit® Ultrafeed Coal Distributor
Detroit® Underthrow Fuel Distributor
Detroit® Bagasse Triple Drum Feeder

The Detroit® Air Swept Distributor uses high pressure air to distribute fuel evenly across the grate surface both side to side and front to rear. By adjusting air dampers, the trajectory of fuel injection can be controlled. This allows modulation of the fuel flow from front to back of the grate. Distribution of fuel across the furnace is governed by the number and width of distributors used.

How the Distributor Spout Works:
  • Introduces fuel to the furnace by a blanket of high pressure air
  • Air sweeps the floor of the spout and spreads fuel evenly on the grates
  • Uniform distribution is based on:
    • Proper metering
    • Correct number and size of distributors
    • Fuel capacity
Features and Benefits: 
  • Available accessories: VFD driven Rotary Air Damper, Balanced Damper, Adjustable distribution air pressure
  • Erosion, temperature and impact resistance is achieved with the use of cast iron, stainless steel, hard alloy and chromium carbide parts in the assembly
  • Factory assembled for quick installation
  • Available in nominal widths of 18, 24, 30, and 36 inches

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