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Detroit® Bagasse Triple Drum Feeder

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The Detroit® Bagasse Triple Drum Feeder is the solution to supplying bagasse (cane refuse) to the spout at a closely controlled and uniform rate. This feed rate can be accurately adjusted and controlled through a wide range of operating loads when coordinated with several elements of the complete stoker-feeder system. The three drum arrangement uses two similar drums controlling the feed rate above, working in conjunction with a larger drum to separate and evenly disperse the material.

Ideal for applications where:
  • Bagasse is the primary fuel source.
  • A secondary fuel such as wood or other refuse fuels.
Industries Served:
  • Sugar Mills
Features and Benefits: 
  • Available in 30in [762mm] and 36in [915mm] widths.
  • Gear reduction and roller chain drive (no belts).
  • Drive guard protects sprockets and chains.
  • Shear pin arrangement bolted on the driven carding drum flat sprocket to protect the assembly from damage caused by overloading.
  • Rugged construction with heavy-duty components for long-term, reliable operation.
  • Internal housing features deflectors to protect the rotating shafts from becoming entangled with bagasse.
  • Upgrades where the drums will be exposed to excessive wear are available in either stainless steel or other alloys dependent upon application.
  • Housing fabricated in multiple sections allowing for easy disassembly and maintenance.
  • Easy retrofit applications for old single-drum type feeders.
  • Completely shop assembled for simplified installation.
  • Speed is adjustable through boiler controls with a variable frequency drive.

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