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Detroit® Combination Fuel Distributor

Detroit® Air Swept Distributor
Detroit® Ultrafeed Coal Distributor
Detroit® Underthrow Fuel Distributor
Detroit® Bagasse Triple Drum Feeder

clientuploads/01 Products/06 Fuel Distributors/CombinationFuelFeederSide2.pngThe Detroit® Combination Fuel Distributor provides today's boiler operator with increased fuel flexibility by providing the option of burning coal and biomass/refuse fuels-individually or in combination. As a result, operators are able to take advantage of cost effective fuel options for meeting their energy requirements and substantially lowering their operating cost.

The Detroit® Air Swept Distributor Spout was designed specifically for biomass and refuse fuels. Many industrial processes result in solid waste streams of high calorific value, which is ideally suited for energy recovery.

Features and Benefits:

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