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Detroit® Fuel Distributors

Detroit® Air Swept Distributor

The Detroit® Air Swept Distributor uses high pressure air to distribute fuel evenly across the grate surface both side to side and front to rear. Distributes biomass – stringy plant material, bark, bagasse,and other biomass/refuse fuels.  Available in nominal widths of 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36 inches.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Detroit® Air Swept Fuel Distributors.

Detroit® Combination Fuel Distributor

The Detroit® Combination Fuel Feeder provides today's boiler operator with increased fuel flexibility by providing the option of burning coal and biomass/refuse fuels-individually or in combination.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Detroit® Combination Fuel Feeders.

Detroit® Ultrafeed Coal Distributor

Each Ultrafeed unit is independently powered and has separate drives for the fuel metering conveyor and the overthrow distributing rotor.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Detroit®Ultrafeed Coal Distributors.

Detroit® Underthrow Fuel Distributor

The Underthrow distributor discharges the fuel on the underside of the rotor, enabling the blades to contact the coal for a longer period of time than other distributors. The Underthrow is ideal for lower quality, less expensive fuels.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Detroit® Underthrow Fuel Distributors.

Detroit® Bagasse Triple Drum Feeder

The Detroit® Bagasse Triple Drum Feeder is the solution to supplying bagasse (cane refuse) to the spout at a closely controlled and uniform rate. This feed rate can be accurately adjusted and controlled through a wide range of operating loads when coordinated with several elements of the complete stoker-feeder system. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Detroit® Bagasse Triple Drum Feeder.

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