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Detroit Stoker Company has been designing overfire air (OFA)/secondary air control systems to complement Detroit® Stokers since 1898.  Overfire air was originally designed to just control particulate. OFA systems now reliably rein in Carbon Monoxide (CO) and control NOx emissions; all while increasing overall combustion efficiency.  Overfire air provides the needed turbulence for the mixing of volatiles with air for combustion.


Fully ported Stainless Steel nozzles for maximum discharge efficiency

  • Specifically tailored according to fuel, load, and operating conditions
  • Front and rear wall located
  • Individually adjustable
  • Control NOx, CO and particulate
  • Proven design

For emission predictions or guarantees DSC also offers engineering studies to review the current operating data, fuel analysis, expected modifications and expected emission target values.  This would include data collection and recommendations through a summary report of findings.  

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