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Detroit® Rotary Seal Feeders

Especially suited for abrasive and high temperature materials.

Low Capacity Drawings
High Capacity Drawings

  • All cast iron construction
  • Spring loaded tension bolts maintain a tight air seal in the rotor assembly
  • Rotor has generous sized rotor pockets
  • Removal of end cover plate permits access to rotor and rotor sealing assembly for easy maintenance 
  • Access openings are provided on the feeders for internal inspection
  • Heavy-duty packing glands prevent gas or material leakage at the rotor shaft
  • High-temperature packing
  • Externally mounted, heavy-duty, self-aligning pillow block bearings
  • Shear pin assembly located on the driven sprocket of the rotor shaft protects the drive mechanism against feeder jamming from foreign material
  • A heavy metal guard with ready access to the drive
  • Factory assembled, tested and shipped as a complete unit ready for installation
  • Chain driven by a single reduction, right angle worm gear, totally enclosed, fan cooled motor

Detroit® Rotary Seal Feeders are normally installed in a vertical position. However, they may be installed at any angle up to 35 degrees from the vertical, provided they are orientated so that the rotor shaft remains in a horizontal plane. Please advise if the feeder is to be installed other than vertically.

Sizes available from 6" through 14"

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