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Detroit Stoker Company creates computer models of clients' industrial furnaces as part of DSC engineering process design to improve system performance and reduce emissions. A technique known as Computation Fluid Dynamics Modeling is used to estimate flue gas properties within a unit and to assist in determining the design and operation of primary and secondary air systems to help characterize proper emission controls and performance improvements. Once constructed, the computer model can be modified to estimate the effects of changes in design and operating conditions.

In a typical project:
  • Client's unit is first modeled without design changes or operating changes
  • Baseline temperature, flow behavior, and flue gas conditions are determined
  • Model simulating new overfire/secondary air injection is performed
  • Overfire/secondary and primary air configurations are adjusted to optimize flow behavior and flue gas conditions
  • Changes to baseline emission results are compared
  • Boiler dimensions, operations data & mass and energy input and output data are supplied by client for evaluation

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